Mare Gently Wakes Up Her Baby When It’s Time For Lunch.

The natural process of nursing a foal.

I believe that everyone’s first love is their mother. Mothers are the people who stay beside us from the first moments of our lives and throughout all our life. The bond between a mother and her child is so extraordinary that we sometimes lack the right words to express it.

It is that kind of love that is proven not only with big gestures but even with the tiniest details. Mothers are the only creatures that put their child’s needs even before their own. I’m pretty sure that everyone remembers when they were kids that your mother would wake you up to eat lunch or dinner.

Well, that’s true even for animals, and video shown below is proof that humans and animals have more things in common than we thought. The adorable video shows a mother horse that knows that it is the moment for her baby to have lunch, so she gently wakes the baby horse up and feeds him. Of course, she was very careful not to scare her baby and she made sure to wake him up as smoothly as possible.

We have to say that the foal is simply beautiful and from his reaction, we can certainly say that he is also very smart. As soon as he got up, he went directly to be fed.

It’s so wonderful to watch them together and to witness such a lovely moment between a mother and her precious child.

Watch the beautiful moment in the video shown below!


And so this video demonstrates the mares’ parental instincts. Protection, encouragement, and compassion

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