Gentle Giant Belgian Draft Horse Shows Off His Majesty In The Pasture.

Horses are such majestic creatures.

As you know, Belgian Draft horses are very easy to recognize and they stand out from all the horse breeds due to their tall stature and distinctly muscular build. Maybe that’s why they are the most popular draft horse breed in America right now. It is also said that the number of Belgians draft horses in the United States exceeds all draft horse breeds put together.

They are very easy to identify because of their signature look which includes their large hooves, massive physique, kind temperament, and gentle spirit. The horse shown in the video below may be the most impressive and elegant Belgian draft horse we have ever seen! This incredible stallion named Buffalo van’t Zwaluwnest is very known in the equestrian community due to his indescribable beauty.

He is known famous all over the world and his video has been watched by over 3 million people. Although it was uploaded more than 11 years ago, it is still very shared on different social media. Just by looking at this video, we acknowledge that this stunning horse is very powerful, inspiring, and astonishing.

Despite its huge size, like any other breed of horse, this Belgian Draft horse can run quietly! Because of all these characteristics, it is easy to guess why people fall in love with him.

He shows off again the strength of the horse by looking at his massive muscles. Despite the strength, this Draft horse shows its gentle side as well and that’s why they are definitely admirable. Don’t miss the beautiful video of this adorable horse that will definitely make your day beautiful too.


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