Golden Bronze Palomino Tennessee Walking Horse Stallion Seems To Be One Of A Kind.

The Tennessee Walking horse is globally recognized for its exceptional gaits and is a top choice for riders seeking a smooth ride. While many believe this breed was solely developed for competitions, it was actually bred for various purposes such as pulling, racing, and ranch work. They are known for their gentle temperament and stability, and interestingly, the Tennessee walking horse is the first breed to be named after a state.

Tennessee Walking Horses have a temperament that can be put into two different categories. The first are horses that are called “performance individuals.” The other are “flat-shod” and trained for different movements and tasks. The training that each discipline requires creates a different overall personality and temperament, but both are based on the common ground of the overall breed characteristics.

This breed was developed in the late 18th century by bringing together local Pacers in Kentucky with Spanish Mustangs that were brought from Texas. The Mustangs all had the unique running walk gait, which was then brought into this new breed of horse.

In the video velow you can watch Diamond Dak, a stunning bronze palomino Tennessee walking horse stallion one of the most beautiful horses we have ever seen.


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