Dying Fawn Teaches Woman About The Power Of Love

Dying Fawn Teaches Woman About The Power Of Love

This is such a touching story about love’s power! Melanie Butera had no idea when she took in a blind, dying juvenile deer in 2004 that the fawn would have such a significant impact on the way she saw the world.

“Love entered our lives in the most unlikely of vehicles – the tiny hooves of a dying fawn,” she wrote. Melanie was afflicted with cancer at the time, and caring for the little, ill fawn showed her that “every life is a gift.”

Melanie and Dillie improved, with Dillie regaining 50 percent of her vision. Dillie was born on a deer farm and is not a wild deer, thus she could not be released into the wild. She is still a resident in Butera’s house.

In their home in Canal Fulton, Ohio, Dillie has her own room. She is potty-trained and goes outdoors to do her business. She can also turn on the lights and turn on the water faucet, and she enjoys eating lollipops! She enjoys playing in the yard, swimming in the pool, and eating hay when she is not in bed.

Melanie has also written two books about her adventures with Dillie: Dillie the Deer: A True Story of Love, Healing, and Family and Dillie the Deer: Love on Hooves.

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