DOGS Golden Retriever Walks Over 62 Miles Over 2 Weeks To Find Her Owners.

This beautiful story is like a real-life “The Incredible Journey” and shows just how loving and loyal dogs really are.

Meet Ping An, the adorable one-year-old golden retriever from Qidong, Jiangsu who was taken to stay with her human companion’s friends in Nantong, which is around a two-hour drive away from Ping An’s home.

Ping’s stay was supposed to be temporary as the owner was renovating her home and would take her back once it was all done. However, four months later, Ping got homesick and decided she was done waiting. So,she simply stood up and left.

The family presumed Ping An had simply run away, but what they didn’t know was that he went on a solo adventure—a trek that took her 2 weeks and great amounts of energy and perseverance to complete.

During this time, she got homesick, so she decided it’s time to go home—and walked over 62 miles in 14 days!

Watch Ping Ann cuddle up to her daddy in this heart-melting clip.

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