Farmers Ride Their Majestic Dutch Draft Horses Together Delivering A Unique View.

Horses, deserve to rest and sleep well. They also deserve not to work all the time. Horses at rest are calm and relaxed, and a restful environment is a healthy one for horses. Physical and mental rest is important for recovery for horses in training or those overcoming illness or injury. Promoting good sleep and rest behavior in horses ensures that you’re giving your equines the opportunity to maintain and heal themselves whenever they need to.

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Every equestrian knows that despite their massive size, all draft horses are usually some of the Sweetest creatures on earth. One of the most adorable draft horses is The Dutch Draft, a large, solidly built horse. The Dutch Draft’s most
outstanding quality is nor its power nor its size,but its character. It is a calm horse that is willing, loyal, and gentle.

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Despite this fact, the Dutch Draft can act fast when the situation requires, its movements are confident and correct. Dutch Draft horses were first discovered in the Netherlands. They were bred from Belgian, Zeeland, and Ardennes horses to be great, strong workhorses that could help in the farms. The Dutch Draft horse is very rare, and its numbers started to decline after the demand for the horses descended.

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The Royal Society for the Preservation of Dutch
Draft Horse was established in 1914 to help preserve the breed. They also had the goal to
produce a massive horse with a solid composition. Nowadays, they are the largest of all the Dutch breeds. Sadly, just like most of the draft breeds, the appearance of industrialization has reduced their
market but there are still some dutch draft horseenthusiasts all over Europe that still develop them.

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Just like all the other draft breeds, the Dutch Drafts are also very disciplined and obedient. Standing up to 16hh, they have the power and the energy to work for long periods without getting tired. Don’t miss the chance to watch these amazing horses in the video shown below!


The Straôrieen is a spring festival that begins back in the mid-19th century.






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