The dog’s body had already begun to tense up from the smoke inhalation by the time the officer got to him.

Deputy Michael Gregorek of Colorado wasn’t sure what to expect when he was dispatched to a vehicle fire.Several ideas were racing through his mind.He had no idea what kind of situation awaited him.He was asking himself questions like, “Was it a crime?”Would it infect a house?Is there anyone in it?When he arrived, he noticed a man hurling something at the vehicle.

A month before this incident, Deputy Gregorek and his team arrested an individual for throwing Molotov cocktails at vehicles.

He was concerned that this was another similar incident. The man turned out to be the vehicle’s owner, and he was shouting that his dog was inside.

It became clear right away that it was not a crime, but there was a life to be saved.

The incident was captured through the deputy’s body and dashboard cameras.

The deputy used his ASP, or his retractable baton, to break the car’s back window.

The owner calls the dog by shouting his name Hank, and Hank sticks his head out of the window, drooling and obviously in distress.

The owner tried pulling Hank out of the window, but the smoke got to him, and he could not pull his pet out.
After trying to pull him out, he retreated from the vehicle while coughing.

The smoke coming out from the car was getting thick and coming out from the window.

When Deputy Gregorek noticed the owner step aside, he rushed over to Hank and yanked him out with all his might.The deputy can be seen in the video gripping Hank tightly and refusing to let go of the dog.He successfully extracted Hank from the burning vehicle and threw him into the snow.

“His body had already started to tense up, so I knew he was really in a bad way. So my thought at that point was that he was coming out with me regardless of whatever else might be happening, smoke or fire,” Deputy Gregorek said in an interview with Douglas County Sheriff’s Office.

“Nothing else mattered at that point except Hank getting out of the car,” he also said.

The video shows Deputy Gregorek coughing violently after saving Hank, demonstrating the potential danger of the situation.

A nearby neighbor approached the deputy and offered him water.

The neighbor also told the deputy that his wife was a vet and would be home from a grocery run soon.She would be able to check on Hank.When she arrived and assessed Hank, he was already completely recovered.

When the deputy checked on Hank later, he noticed that he was in good health.Hank thanked the deputy the way dogs usually do: by licking his arms.

Deputy Gregorek revealed that he is also a dog lover, which strengthened his resolve to save Hank from the fire.”I’m a dog owner.” My dog is my only child. I would have done the same thing whether it was a baby, a human, a dog, or a cat. “In a situation like that, a life is a life, and you treat it as such,” the deputy said.

It’s no surprise that this video has received over 5 million views.We’re sure Hank, his owner, and the rest of the community appreciate Deputy Gregorek’s dedication to providing the best service possible.

Many thanks to the people like him who do everything to help the most defenseless.


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