Dog brings carrot for horse, to form a friendship.

The more we read about dogs doing amazing, thoughtful, or unique things, the more we begin to question: is there truly anything that dogs can’t do? Not only are dogs smart enough to learn tricks pretty quickly, but they’re also incredibly friendly and compassionate toward others. In fact, we’d go as far as saying that dogs are a lot more compassionate than some humans, even.

In spite of the fact that old, the video as of late went to the spotlight subsequent to being shared on Twitter by a client of the miniaturized scale blogging website Rex Chapman.

“Each morning this great kid ricochets out the entryway with a morning meal carrot for his best amigo. Mutts, bruh,” Chapman composed and shared the clasp. It was initially posted on Facebook with the subtitle, “This is incredible!

Watch intently. My companion has her canine bring a carrot out to her horse.”In the present version of recordings which-may-make-you-go-aww, we have this great clasp including a pooch, a pony and a carrot. Hold on the grounds that this is a video which may top you off with a warm fluffy inclination while making your lips twist up in a grin. The video opens with the pooch coming up short on a house with a carrot in its jaws.

The doggo runs directly to the pony and what’s entertaining in this scene is as the pooch quietly holds up with the carrot in its mouth, the pony focuses on scratching its ear.

In the long run, the trade occurs and the pooch runs back to the house, yet not before delaying to take a gander at the pony as though to ensure that its eating the carrot. Investigate the video and we should caution you it might end up being too adorable to even think about handling:


Since being shared a few days ago, the post has gathered more than 2.1 million views and the numbers keep increasing. Over 1.2 lakh tweeple liked the video and close to 20,000 retweeted it. People flooded the post’s comments section with all kinds of tweets: “Another Example why Dogs are just truly amazing,” wrote a Twitter user. To which, another user replied and tweeted, “So very true. This is adorable and much needed!” “I like at the end….he has to get a flee. Then before he takes off again, he checks the horse, like he’s making sure the horse got the carrot.

It shows how intelligent dogs can be: not only can this dog help his owner out with tasks around the farm, but he’s able to make friends with the other animals.

What an adorable video!

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