Every year, 80-year-old Jane Dotchin journeys 600 miles across the United Kingdom. She is accompanied by her trusty horse Diamond and her dog Dinky.

Across her journey, she often experiences drivers passing too close to Diamond, large campervans dominating campgrounds, and harsh weather.

However, despite these setbacks, Dotchin makes the most of her trip every year.

Jane carries everything she may need on her back, including food, a tent and other essentials.

She starts her annual adventure in her hometown of Hexam, Northumberland (northern England), and travels on horseback to Inverness (in the Scottish Highlands). The entire trip takes about seven weeks and spans 600 miles.

Diamond is Dotchin’s 13-year-old pack pony, and it was her 4th year joining her on the trek. She is also the 4th generation of the ponies Dotchin has raised over the years.

Dinky is a 10-year-old dog with deformed feet, so he can’t walk for long. He does love to sit in the saddle bag on Diamond’s back and watch the world go by.

Dotchin has a patch over one eye and brings whatever she needs with her. She has a tent, food, and some other necessities. The only thing she worries about is crossing busy roads.

Some drivers aren’t considerate of horses and don’t slow down. Diamond may run into the wrong part of the street if she gets frightened. Dotchin is confident she can keep her pony at ease.

Due to her eyepatch, Dotchin has trouble reading maps. Since she takes the same route every year, she doesn’t need a map anyway because she knows the way by heart.

Dotchin also enjoys taking the same path because she meets the same lovely and kind people. If anything happens to her, she knows there will always be people around to help.

Dotchin received an Exceptional Achievement Award from the British Horse Society for her exemplary annual trek.





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