Cyclists Save Dog Tied Tightly to Tree and Left to Die

Cyclists Save Dog Tied Tightly to Tree and Left to Die

In Portugal, a group of riders discovered an abandoned dog chained to a tree and saved her life.

The video went viral after it was published on Facebook by the Spanish animal protection group Asociación Animalista Libera (Free Animal Association).
They wrote [in English]:

“It takes a wicked person to abandon a defenseless animal like that with a rope that prevents [her] from lying down.”

The dog was wound so tightly around the tree she couldn’t move her neck.

The dog was scared when they approached, so they tried to win her trust by offering her some food.

From the dog’s thin frame and expose ribs it appears she had not eaten for some time.

No one wants to be bitten, so the males remain wary. They continue to feed the dog, which she devours, and one man cuts the rope around the dog’s neck to liberate her as she eats.

“She was really lucky that a bunch of riders saw him and decided to save him,” said Asociación Animalista Libera, speaking for everyone. Thanks a million!”

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