Persistence can get you far. As can a bewhiskered little face and a charming personality.And since Elwood has all of these things and more, it’s no wonder that this little kitty managed to snag himself a great job simply by turning up at a local hospital and doing his thing. In the past year,  the beautiful cat has become a permanent part of the staff at a hospital in Richmond, Australia.

Nobody is quite sure where Elwood came from or why he’s been so drawn to the hospital,  but what everyone does know is that he is a sweet yet serious little guy and that he’s very dedicated to keeping the hospital and everyone in it safe and secure.

As a security officer now, Elwood takes frequent rounds of the hospital and actively keeps an eye on everything that is happening and on everyone as well. He makes sure everyone is safe and nothing out of order is happening. He is not the one to ignore a suspicious event so the hospital members and patients also behave well when Elwood is on a round.

His hard work and his impressive dedication to hospital security have led to him being officially “hired” by the hospital’s security team: Elwood’s been given his very own staff badge which is identical to those of his coworkers.

We’re sure Elwood is very pleased that his hard work and tireless patrolling has been recognized, and that he’s now officially part of the security team.

I absolutely love the way a stray cat was given such high respect. They are not supposed to be left alone. God knows who had the heart to abandon Elwood or where he came from, but I am happy to see where he is now and it seems like he is happy to be at the hospital. As long s he is around the people he leaves, things are great.

Having this cool kitty on the job is sure to bring a sense of safety and protection to staff and patients alike.

I really hope you guys enjoyed this adorable story.

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