Suffolk has given birth to a foal of an endangered horse breed that is less common than giant pandas

The Suffolk filly foal, Spearman Bellatrix, with her mother, Spearman Annie, at Jimmy’s Farm & Wildlife Park. Credit: Jimmy’s Farm & Wildlife Park.

The Suffolk Punch Trust welcomed the new foal to its location in Hollesley, close to Woodbridge. He was born to mother Dorothy and given the name Illustrious. The two of them are reportedly doing well. An iconic breed of the country, the severely endangered Suffolk Punch Trust seeks to protect it.

“The Suffolk Horse breed as we know it today can be traced back to 1768, and there were many thousands of Suffolks throughout East Anglia before the First World War,” he said.

“But today the breed is the rarest of the UK’s pure-bred heavy horses, and urgent action is necessary to secure its future. Every pure-bred Suffolk foal born is incredibly precious but as a filly foal continuing a very rare bloodline, Spearman Bellatrix gives cause for extra celebration.”

Source: jimmysfarm

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