Baby Elephant Throws The Cutest Temper Tantrum Ever.

In this adorable video, a baby elephant is seen throwing a temper tantrum while the rest of the herd crosses the road. The baby pulls all sorts of moves, from rocking to ear flapping and even falling over to express its irritation… and just like most parents would respond to a toddler’s tantrum, the little guy is completely ignored by the passing adults.

And a Baby Elephant throwing a temper tantrum is actually a real thing!

Slowly, the little one sits up. He shakes his head dramatically and refuses to get back on his feet. His big ears flap around. This is undoubtedly a sign of grief meant as a display for the other elephants, but that doesn’t make it any less adorable.

As the baby shakes his head back and forth, an adult elephant walks on by. This one doesn’t pay any attention to the baby’s fit. It is almost comical how he ignores the cries for attention and simply shuffles along.

Just as the big elephant passes completely by, the little one dives into the ground yet again. This time he is rolling and flailing in the dirt road – a backtrack from where he just was! We may not be able to speak elephant, but as viewers it is clear to us that this little guy wants someone to pay attention to him. His desperate attempts to get his way are just too cute.

By now the baby elephant is fully laying in the dirt. All the usual threats of danger seem to mean nothing to him; he only wants to be noticed by his elders. This little guy seems to squirm around for a while, fully extending his legs as well as his trunk. It would seem, however, that his outlandish efforts were made in vain.

Another adult elephant comes by, and he doesn’t give in to the baby, either. He doesn’t even look down as he crosses the little one’s path. Once he has gone by, the baby knows that his fit is being fully ignored.

Miraculously, once there is no one left to watch him nose dive into the ground, the elephant gets back on his feet just fine. With a little jump in his step, he rushes into the tall grass to rejoin his group.

This baby elephant was throwing one of the most epic fits of all time.


Play gives animals a safe space to try out novel actions without worrying about negative repercussions. They can explore a wide range of possibilities thanks to the unwritten rules of having a tantrum like this little fella.


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