Mustang Stallion Protects His Mares And FOALS From Bachelors.

RunWild Mustang NV/YouTube

No matter how much we grow, the family where we were born and raised and the family that we create during our life will always make you feel comfortable and aware that you have a shoulder to cry on. Everyone needs to be loved and who better than your family can provide this love. The same thing is valid for animals as well. Al of them have the concept of the family and that they need to take care of each other. Let’s take horses for instance. When a baby foal is born, it is certain that at least the mare, if not both her and her stallion will be there to take care of it no matter what, but also, even when they are grown up, they still take care of each other. This Wild Stallion is here to demonstrate that. He is protecting his mare as foals from bachelors who are trying to get close to them.

You know that horses that are living in the wild
have a lot of competition with each other. A lot of stallions fight each other to get the attention of the mares that they love. That’s what is happening in the video as well. Although this stallion has already won the hearts of his mares, there are other stallions who are chasing after mares as well and this stallion is teaching them a lesson. He is pushing them away and he is protecting his mares and foals from them, he even got confronted with one of these other wild stallions. You can tell that he is doing an amazing job, isn’t it?



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