After being apart for years, Wild Horse reunites with his girlfriend, and they immediately recognize one another.

The family is everything to wild horses. There is no question that they don’t know or love each other, but the ties they develop are so priceless and intense.

Because of this, even after a horse by the name of Phoenix had lost his family, he still maintained a soft spot in his heart for them.

Phoenix was a member of a family of wild horses that had tragically been trapped and handled poorly. By jumping over a gate, he had managed to escape his small pen, but bravely, the horse turned around to look for his family.

Skydog Ranch learned about Phoenix’s story and were motivated to save him. Wild mustangs and burros can now find a permanent home on their ranch after spending time in terrible and risky places like kill pens, auctions, and uncaring homes where they were frequently hungry and abused.

The sanctuary was able to adopt Phoenix a year after learning about his plight. He was leaving behind one extremely significant aspect of his life, though: a beautiful white horse. Volunteers at the sanctuary determined that getting Phoenix to safety would be the wisest course of action while they looked for his mare.

Phoenix, meanwhile, was eager to feel freedom after so much cruelty that it was time for him to settle into his new home.
“When we unlocked the trailer door, he bolted outside. Clare Staples, a sanctuary employee, said, “I just remember Phoenix gazing about and seeing the trees and grass, and sniffing the air. “For me, that was an extremely emotional time. We were restoring his independence to him.

Volunteers brought in a few other male horses for Phoenix to get to know during his first week at home. Phoenix put up with the other horses, although he was never really friendly with them. He clearly missed his previous family, as was evident.

Clare stated, “I always felt like there was a little bit of loss with him, since even though he could have just run away free after jumping the fence, he came back to look for his family. Even though he didn’t want to leave them there, he ultimately lost them.

Phoenix appeared to be staring off into the distance, scanning the horizon, for extended periods of time.It was almost as if he was looking for something- or searching for his family.

Amazingly, it turned out that Phoneix had been right to continue to hang onto his hope. A few years later, the sanctuary was shocked to receive a picture of a white horse looking for a home who was an exact replica of Phoenix’s mare.

When Clare and the other volunteers placed the two images side by side, it didn’t take them long to understand that the horse in question was actually Phoenix’s mare—the animal that no one had ever anticipated would ever turn up again.

After deciding to give the horse the name Ghost in honor of Phoenix’s disappearing and reappearing act, volunteers immediately made arrangements to have the horse taken to the area where Phoenix liked to hang out.

Phoenix heard Ghost enter his field as soon as they opened the gate and hurried over the hill towards her.
When he first sees her, you can hear him calling to her, Clare recalled. He glanced at her and seemed to have trouble believing what he was seeing.

The two horses hunched their necks toward one another and inhaled deeply of each other’s distinctive odors. It was so lovely to be a part of, as if they were making sure they weren’t just dreaming this moment up.

These wild horses had been away for two years, yet at that precise moment, Clare cried because it seemed as though they had never been apart.

Phoneix’s entire outlook has changed ever since Ghost returned to his life. The once-lonely horse now trots with assurance, and all of his earlier melancholy is gone. The two can finally spend the rest of their days together as they deserve to since everyone at the Skydog sanctuary never gave up.

Watch Phoenix’s touching story below.
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