Stray Cat Is Unrecognizable One Month After Her Rescue

Stray Cat Is Unrecognizable One Month After Her Rescue

Blessie Mae Ayalde was riding her bike with her father through typhoon-ravaged neighborhoods near their home in the Philippines in November when she noticed a little gray face peering out of the muck.

Ayalde was surprised to see the cat alive when she blinked.

Woman finds kitten after typhoon

“I found her beside the bamboo trees while we were surveying the riverfront, which was dirty and covered in garbage,” Ayalde told The Dodo. “She appeared to have drowned in the water and was stuck near the bamboo trees like the rest of the garbage.”
Ayalde walked up to the kitty and shouted her name. The small stray came running, to to Ayalde’s surprise.
“She was a wonderful talker who adored animals,” Ayalde said. “She began rubbing her body and head on mine as though we’d been friends for years.” “Ah, this cat wants me to help her,” I realized.

Ayalde wanted to bring the lost cat home with her, but she didn’t have anything to carry her in, so she had no choice but to abandon her. She couldn’t get the image of that sad little gray face out of her head.
“That night, I couldn’t sleep because I was worried about her,” Ayalde added. “So the next morning, I grabbed a reusable bag and returned to the location where I found her, thinking she was still there.”

Woman saves cat from typhoon

Ayalde located the cat, but she appeared frail and unwell this time.
“She meowed and came up to me as though she knew who I was,” Ayalde recalled. “However, I noticed that she seemed to be running out of energy.”
Ayalde took the cat, which she named Alon, and carried her home with her. The kitten appeared to be at ease there, as if she had finally found a safe haven.

Ayalde took her a bath, grabbed her some medicine, and began syringing her food. Alon gradually became more animated, and her playful side began to emerge.

Cat transforms from gray to white

“She enjoys jumping and racing around the house so much that I mistook her for a kangaroo,” Ayalde added. “She’s a real talker!” Her meows are continuous and unstoppable. She’s even learnt how to gain our attention from my other cat, so she now always calls us loudly.”

Alon’s personality, however, was not the only thing that had changed. Her appearance changed dramatically under Ayalde’s treatment.

Cat changes from gray to white

Ayalde realized the cat was covered in car oil, and after switching up soaps, she was surprised to find that underneath all the dirt was a sparkling white coat.

“I remember giggling a lot since I had a cat that looks precisely like her,” Ayalde explained. “Their coats and patterns are identical. Because of how similar they seem, my family frequently confuses them.”

With the worst of her troubles behind her, the little cat is more than ready to exhibit her real colors to her adoring family.

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