Men Find Fawn “Hiding” In The Middle Of The Road And Rescue It

A deer was laying on the pavement in the middle of the road when Steve Knoop and his pals came upon it while they were driving. When they went to check on the baby to see whether he was okay, he was “hiding” and wouldn’t move.

The men in the film realize the fawn is alive and breathing, and they also note that the fawn’s mother is keeping an eye on them from nearby in the woods.

The men momentarily discuss whether they should assist the baby deer or leave him on the road before deciding it would be better to keep him out of harm’s way.

Paul then takes action by gently picking up the fawn and carrying it to the side of the road, where it immediately stands up and goes off to join his mother!

It all works out in the end! Please share with your friends this fawn rescue!

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