In a remarkable bond, a 2-pound wild sow adopts a giant Labrador as her father figure, defying their size difference and forming an unlikely yet heartwarming familial connection.

Dora’s gardener arrived at their house one morning with something extremely small in a box. The animal enthusiast had no idea the lovely little item in the box was a wild boar. Dora gave her the name Yehzu. The wild newborn boar was just a few hours old and about the size of an iPhone. Dora and her family searched everywhere for Yehzu’s mother. However, they eventually concluded that the sad animal had been abandoned.

There are no wildlife rescues in Sri Lanka that might take wild boars. Dora couldn’t afford to leave Yehzu alone. So the caring rescuer decided to contact her veterinarian acquaintance and assist the young one. Dora previously had several dogs as pets, but Yehzu was immediately drawn to their Labrador, Biu Biu. The small boar simply threw her 2-pound body into his mouth. The loving owner recognized that their relationship was unique.

Yehzu began eating solids after observing Biu Biu do so. The patient Lab always let the baby boar eat first from his own bowl. When the little boar was swimming in the water, he would keep an eye out for her. Biu Biu taught Yehzu how to play with other dogs. The attachment between the little pig and the Labrador was instant. Dora believed that the baby boar missed her mother, therefore Biu Biu became her entire world. Biu Biu’s favorite pastime as a child was using the little boar as a cushion.

Source: The Dodo/YouTube

That changed when she grew up. The boar was now using the cute Lab as a cushion. Dora, on the other hand, was proud of Biu Biu since he was so nice and patient with the young Yehzu. The Lab seemed to relish his job as her father, according to the owner. The friendly canine showed the wild boar how to fit in with the pack. Both have been following each other, and the tiny boar has grown from 2 pounds to 62 pounds.

Source: The Dodo/YouTube

She became a permanent member of the family and continued to live at home with them. But now that Yehzu had her own boar condo outside, she could enjoy some independence. Because wild boars are considered pests in Sri Lanka and are persecuted, Yehzu could not be released. Even when the wild boar had grown up, she saw Biu Biu as her father and relied on him for comfort.


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