Woman’s ‘spell’ gets 3 horses wrapped around her finger.

Sylvia Zerbini, renowned for her exquisite grace and mastery in horse training, brings an art form that delights audiences worldwide.

Her performances transcend traditional horse training, turning it into a spectacular dance.

Growing up in France among horses, she didn’t just live close to these majestic creatures; they profoundly shaped her, crafting her future with each gallop and graceful leap.

The deep connection Sylvia formed with horses during her childhood laid the groundwork for her future successes.

Her unique ability to “read” horses stems from an intuitive understanding developed through years of observation.

This skill allows her to communicate with horses on a profoundly empathetic level, forming the basis of her training philosophy.

It is through this connection that she orchestrates performances that are as technically impressive as they are emotionally resonant.


Sylvia’s intuitive communication with horses is central to her acclaimed performances.


Over her illustrious career, Sylvia has graced the stages of Cavalia, Ringling Circus, and her own Grand Liberte show, places where her talents can truly shine.

Each performance is not just a display of training but a shared dance between Sylvia and her horses, a testament to her profound connection with these sentient beings.

Her career is not just a series of shows, but a moving chapter in the narrative of interspecies communication.

Watch Sylvia enchant the horses in the video below.


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