We live in a world where animals do not have a voice. It is our job to help them.

Freedom Reigns Equine Sanctuary/YouTube

One Californian woman made the decision to act independently and change the situation for these neglected horses.

After not being able to bear seeing beautiful horses meeting such an unfair fate, Alicia Goetz created a sanctuary so these horses could have another chance at life.

“This is what I have to do… I am a firm believer in that. It was what I was meant to do,” says Goetz.

Freedom Reigns Equine Sanctuary/YouTube

California’s San Benito County is home to the more than 3,000-acre Freedom Reigns Equine Sanctuary, which was established in 2012.

In the sanctuary, most of the horses are given ample freedom to roam across the land, with many of them forming small herds they stick together with.

Freedom Reigns Equine Sanctuary/YouTube

Several smaller groups are temporarily homed in small pastures throughout the land as either a family, mares with foals, or horses undergoing rehabilitation.

Every new horse that comes in is quarantined for 4-6 weeks before being introduced to other horses. For the horses that stay in the stables, they are fed high-quality hay daily.

Freedom Reigns Equine Sanctuary/YouTube

To make things more impressive, Goetz hasn’t relied on donations to run the sanctuary, she has poured heart and soul into making it all possible.

Even though it isn’t accessible to the general public, the sanctuary may arrange for private excursions. The ranch not only saves and houses horses that were meant for slaughter, but it also informs people about the requirements of horses in these circumstances.


Hundreds of horses owe their life to Goetz and she is someone all horse lovers can be thankful for.

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