When seeing her puppy after two years, the owner breaks down in tears

Losing your pet is the worst thing that can happen, and finding them again is the best thing that can happen. When this woman lost her cat two years ago, the same thing happened. However, she was fortunate to obtain her beloved pet in a stunning way.

The story goes as follows: in an attempt to find the stray dog a forever home, a shelter posted a photo of him on Facebook.

The dog, who had stunning blue eyes, was left unclean and starving while also having mange.

The animal shelter received a call from a woman who believed the puppy to be her missing dog who had been kidnapped from her backyard two years prior after the picture of the puppy went viral. She claimed that the dog resembled a lost pet of hers.

The woman was welcomed to visit the dog at the shelter. If the dog would recognize her or not, they were curious.

The dog appeared afraid when the woman arrived at the shelter, but he dimly recognized his mother’s aroma and loving face.

The lonely and depressed dog reached out to her with his paws and stood up to get a closer view of her face. The moment ”Lord” the dog noticed his mother, he began to lick and kiss her all over.

The mother also broke down in tears since she was unable to contain her sorrow. Everyone in the room struggled to contain their tears. Fantastically, they were reunited. We are grateful to the shelter for making this reunion possible.

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