This mama duck has been taking her ducklings through the same building every year.

She knows the people in the nursing home need some cute visitors.

The ducks’ annual visit has become a special tradition for the residents of this building!An Upstate New York nursing home has grown accustomed to the adorable little critters that visit each year. The mother duck will bring her young here to greet her old friends.

Every year, when the mother duck arrives, she walks through the main hallway of the MM Ewing Routine Care Center. Even better, all current residents come out of their rooms to cheer on the little boys as they make their way through the building!

The ducklings didn’t seem to understand what was going on, but they were obviously pleased to be acknowledged! They even put up old signs to gently guide the mother duck and her babies if they appear to be heading in the wrong direction.

Walking through the building with the residents, the ducks are at ease. The entire building participates in assisting the ducks on their journey. They completed their journey by entering the light through an open door at the end of the hallway.

They enthusiastically led the way to the parade, making certain that no ducklings were left behind ! As we learn more about animals, it appears that many of them have astounding intelligence, behavior, and emotions. Because she knows she’ll be safe there, this mother duck keeps returning.

Someone joked that each year, this adorable story is like a new episode of “Duck Adventures”! That is so adorable, bless her and her ducklings. Having her and her babies visit them must brighten their day.

The mama duck clearly recognizes the nursing home as a safe haven, and I’m sure the residents enjoy this annual parade. Do you look forward to this adorable duck family’s annual journey ?




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