When pulled onto the boat, a senior dog found treading water kisses rescuers.

Senior Dog Found Treading Water Kisses Rescuers When Pulled Aboard The Boat

A senior dog was found alone in the middle of the water, according to the US Coast Guard Station of Fort Myers Beach. They set sail for rescue because the old dog had been out there for who knows how long and was in severe agony.

U.S. Coast Guard Station Fort Myers Beach/Facebook

They drew the boat as close as they could and called for the dog, who ultimately came swimming up to the side and was grabbed. The good child was hauled onboard by crew personnel, and he kissed his rescuers to express his gratitude for saving his life!

They sailed back to shore to rejoin him with his family after taking a photo with the dog. The dog was unharmed, but the situation could have turned out horribly. He is, however, safe and sound thanks to the Coast Guard!

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