Surprisingly, a swimming Terrier that had been lost at sea was miraculously found alive.

Jack Russell Terrier Lost At Sea Miraculously Found Alive

Boaters discovered a little Jack Russell Terrier in a life jacket swimming five miles from shore in the Gulf of Mexico, and performed a spectacular rescue.

One of the tiny dog’s saviors, Bruce, stated, “I assumed it was a buoy and exclaimed, ‘Oh my my, there’s something moving.” Two couples were out on the water when they came upon the dog.

They could only see the dog’s nose above water at first. The dog began swimming towards their boat as soon as he saw them!

When the couple contacted the coast guard, they discovered that the dog’s owner had reported him missing three hours before! When the owner was reunited with “his baby,” he was overjoyed and had tears in his eyes.

This is why everyone, including dogs, should wear a life jacket or life preserver. If he hadn’t had one on, this dog would not have survived!

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