Watch a touching 9/11 commercial that only aired once

Most of us remember September 11th like it was yesterday, despite the fact that it has been almost 20 years. For our nation, it was a time of deep sorrow, but it was also a time of solidarity and patriotism. Americans from all walks of life joined together to demonstrate to the rest of the world that, no matter what, our nation stands united. In keeping with this patriotism, American beer maker Budweiser aired an emotional commercial that even made mature men cry.

The patriotic ad depicts the recognizable Budweiser Clydesdales riding through New York City. Finally, they pause in a park with a view of the city skyline after passing the Statue of Liberty and over the Brooklyn Bridge.

Bob Lachky, a former executive vice president of Anheuser-Busch Global Creative, stated, “We shot in New York City. “A chopper flew over the Brooklyn Bridge while we were there. The only film business of any kind in the city immediately following 9-11, Mayor Giuliani allowed us entry. It was incredible, absolutely amazing, for our helicopter to actually enter airspace to film the Clydesdale and the hitch entering Battery Park.

The heartbreaking final image of the commercial features the Clydesdales kneeling in homage to the site of the Twin Towers. See the original version in the video below; it will make you happy to be an American.

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