Noorung was a beloved pet of a pair of South Korean fishermen who lived near the sea. Noorung ensures his master’s safety at all times because their business needs them to go to adjacent islands.

Sadly, the puppy’s life was on the verge of taking an unforeseen turn. His owners were in their eighties, and they were becoming sicker by the day. They require medical attention, but there is none available in the area where they dwell.

Then, at some point, they decided that they needed to relocate to a location with better medical services, which was further away from their current residence. So they went, heartbroken that they had to leave Noorung behind because they knew they wouldn’t be ready to see him in his new home.

Every day, the puppy stood on the rocky island’s shores, waiting for his owners.

As a result, he didn’t mind the breeze and opted against going to the beach. He eventually stopped going to the beach. He lingered on the island, between the big boulders, not because he realized his fate, but because he didn’t want to leave. Residents on the island began to notice Noorung and expressed concern for his safety.

They’d try to leave some food and drink behind and go away so he could eat, because he flees in terror if he sees someone approaching him. This carried on for a year. Things began to worse when dogs from the neighborhood approached him and began attacking him.

He would do everything he could, but it had gotten to the point where the residents had to inform his former owners of his situation. They were visibly devastated when they learned the news, but there was little they could do. They determined that Noorung ought to be rescued and taken to the veterinarian.

Noorung was tranquilized and taken to a neighboring veterinary institution in anticipation of his antipathy to humans. Noorung was in wonderful condition, his health was outstanding, and he had not incurred any injuries, much to the satisfaction of the veterinarian.

The puppy was shackled for the time being because they were afraid if he was released, he would return to the island.

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