U.S. Marine Rescues Orphaned Bunnies From Military Barracks And Nurses Them Back To Health

U.S. Marine Rescues Orphaned Bunnies From Military Barracks And Nurses Them Back To Health

There are many touching stories about rescue animals. It shows human love for poor animals. You can watch the video below. I think it will make your brighter day.

While raking the volleyball court at Camp Pendleton in San Diego, California, where he was stationed with a Marine Corps battalion, Joshua Bisnar, a Naval Hospital Corpsman, discovered the defenseless rabbits with their dead mother. He carefully collected the creatures and placed them in a makeshift home made of a box and a few old shirts to make it more comfortable.

‘I would feed them at 6 a.m. before work, 12 p.m. for lunch, and 6 p.m. for dinner,’ Bisnar added.

‘They got out of that ugly newborn phase and started looking like fluffy little bunnies after one week.

They were soon hopping around in their customized cage that I had built for them.’

‘It was adorable,’ says the author. When I walked by throughout the day, they would all bunch up and look up at me, and when I placed my hand in the box, they would all race up and battle to jump into my hand for feeding.’

Mr Bisnar started with arugula (rocket salad) and gradually included some of the natural vegetables prevalent in southern California, such as dandelions and grass.

When the military medic returned to his room one day to find one just sitting in the hallway staring at him, he realized it was time to let them go. ‘I’m from Newport Beach, California, so the next weekend I took them to a wildlife protection area off of PCH in Huntington Beach,’ Mr Bisnar added.

‘The lady who worked there was astounded to learn how a military member from Camp Pendleton successfully bred four rabbits with a 100% survival rate.’

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