Truck drivers immediately stop to assist a thirsty baby elephant who suddenly appears.

A baby elephant appeared out of nowhere as a group of truck drivers passed through a remote area of Botswana. The men realized something had to have happened because normally an elephant baby would be with his mother, not by himself. The drivers were aware that wild animals, especially the young, try to avoid human contact. Therefore, it was obvious that something was wrong when a baby elephant was seen by the side of the road. One of the drivers made the decision to pull over and look into the tiny creature out of concern. The other motorists have already made some moves.

Once the men approached the animal with caution, they saw that the young creature was pleading for water. The thirsty animal was given one of the drivers’ personal water bottles to drink from. There’s more, though.

The good men gave the woman water and then looked around for the child’s mother, but neither she nor any other herd members could be found. They were aware that they were unable to leave. To get her to the closest sanctuary, Elephant Sands, they loaded the baby elephant into one of the trucks. The young elephant was given a second chance to live because of these kind drivers!

According to Paul Oxton, founder and director of the Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation, “the baby was taken to Elephant Sands.” “In our opinion, Botswana as a whole has one of the most outstanding, moral, and compassionate wildlife conservation strategies in the world… Due to the effectiveness of the national strategy, we are confident that this baby will receive the best care and treatment available. “.

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