Senior man waits patiently by the water every day for his best buddy to crawl out and greet him

Fate works in mysterious ways and friendships happen in an unexpected time and place.This time, we get to take a look at another unusual friendship between a man and a mammal that loves hanging in the water.Their story caused quite a stir all around the world.

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Such an example is Seppo Laamanen, a 65-year-old man who lives alone in his cozy house in the woods of Finland. Although alone, Seppo has never felt lonely, because he always found great friends in the animals that live next to his step door. But above all, there is an otter with whom he shares the greatest bond. Now, not a single day goes by without Seppo being visited by his four-legged friend. A visit the old man can’t wait for, every morning!

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It all started a few winters ago. Back in the day, Seppo was surprised to found the tiny animal on his porch, begging for food. It was extremely cold outside, and with the lake nearly entirely frozen, it was almost impossible for the little otter to find something to hunt. A kind hearted man, Seppo offered some fish to his unusual visitor, which it gladly taken it, by the way. It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. One that went famous online, after someone decided to spread the news about these two companions.

Screenshot via YouTube

Now, the friendly otter feel itself like home into Seppo’s house, and the elder man is more than happy have it there.Now, with the winter around the corner, Seppo makes sure he has some extra food in his pantry, just in case his otter friend decides to bring over some of his furry friends, as well.

Their unique friendship is something that you won’t see every day. Hopefully, their friendship will last a long time!


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