After Years Apart, Wild Horse Immediately Recognizes His Girlfriend.

This is a moving moment when a wild horse reunites with his girlfriend after more than two years later. But this wouldn’t have been possible without the lovely people of Skydog Sanctuary, whose full-time job is mustang’s rescue.

Youtube/The Dodo

It’s uncommon for animals to have lifetime companions, yet wild horses (and a few other species) do. They have such a close bond with one another because of this. That’s why this reunion was so emotional, after all!

The snapshot was the starting point for this happy ending story. The photo shows a beautiful Phoenix (wild stallion) that dramatically escapes catch. After he managed to escape, the mustang returned impressively to help his soulmate Ghost trapped there along with other wild horses.

Clare Staples, CEO of Skydog Sanctuary, was scrolling down Facebook when she noticed the dramatic photo first shared by the American Wild Horse Campaign. The woman was so impressed that she promised she would do her best to reunite the two horses. But it’s a pretty difficult mission!

Clare and her devoted team initially tried to adopt both horses, but failed. “They let us know that both Phoenix and his companion will eventually be returned to the wild, which is what we were pleased with,” the woman wrote. However, their release potential diminished day by day.

Almost a year later, Phoenix was still in captivity, and to make matters worse, Ghost was nowhere to be found. Eventually Claire learned that the mustang still couldn’t return to the wild. At that time, she applied for stallion adoption. Although she succeeded, Claire was still sad that Phoenix could not be reunited with his soulmate.

“I want to give him back the freedom he wanted so badly on the day he was captured,” she told THE DODO. “I was always looking for his mare and I never saw her. We opened the aisle and he ran out… I always had the impression that there was a bit of a loss for him…”

Youtube/The Dodo

However, when you are persistent and never give up, there is always a reward.

And Clare knew it. Fortunately, two years later, she and her team did the impossible. They finally reunited Ghost and Phoenix! Naturally, the moment the two majestic horses saw each other after years of separation was so moving.

“Surprisingly, almost two years after the roundup, I found Ghost on the Internet Adoption and immediately offered to reunite her with Phoenix,” Clare said. “We’re delighted that she [Ghost] is back with her family and now they can live a lifetime together after everything they’ve been through.”


Their reunion was moving and everyone who saw them was very happy to witness such an unforgettable moment.

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