They fought to show she deserved the world after he decided she didn’t deserve to eat.

We keep repeating this, but some dog owners still don’t understand it: DOGS ARE FAMILY. They depend on us much like our kids do. Why then not take care of them? It’s easy. You adopt a dog into your life and provide for its needs and desires.

We are aware that some fans don’t want to read articles like this one. But we all need to play a part in spreading the word. To demonstrate to the public that a dog need not be permanently damaged just because they experience tragedy, we must tell the world about the survivors. Many people believe that dogs in shelters and those who have survived maltreatment are unadoptable. That simply isn’t true, though!

This is the tale of Angel. On the verge of passing away, Angel had been starved on purpose. In just the nick of time, she was saved. Her body had started to shut down. Her look tells you that she is suffering, scared, and weak. Painfully, every bone in her body was visible.

Not only was Angel’s body shutting down, but she was as well. She had been so badly hurt and neglected for such a long time. But now that she was under the care of kind people, everything was about to change.

For a while, things were precarious. Survival is risky at this point in the hunger cycle. But she was supported by really knowledgeable individuals who knew exactly what to do. They gave her smatterings of food all day long. Additionally, she received IV nourishment, antibiotics, and painkillers.

Every day, Angel became better. It is incredibly profound what Rescue From The Hart say in their song, “We offered her our strength, until one day she found her own.” But as you’ll see, they were right on the money! Angel followed them. When they assured her that she is now loved and will be okay, they had hope in their eyes, and she trusted them.And then… she stood up all on her own! Do you know how incredible that is?!

Angel put on weight with a consistent diet and regular medical attention. Her body wasn’t frail anymore. She appeared to be in excellent health and was starting to comprehend what it meant to be a dog.

At her foster home, she developed friends, and then Angel got the best news of all: he had found a permanent home!

Although we acknowledge that it can occasionally be simpler to wish to stay blissfully uninformed of animal suffering, this is not the solution. When you actually care about animals, defending their welfare is the height of compassion. Rescue organizations thrive by sharing stories like Angel’s with the public. Donations from people who value animals, like us, support them. Giving money is not the only component. In order for people to understand exactly what occurs when rescuers carry out their duties when they have the necessary means, it’s also important to share experiences like Angel’s.

Click play on the video below to see Angel’s amazing story!

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