Man Caught On Camera Consoling Distressed Cow After She Lost Her Calf

Man Caught On Camera Consoling Distressed Cow After She Lost Her Calf

Theanimalclub writes that animals face misfortunes and, unlike most people, must bear them alone.

But one cow, who had a horrible experience alone in a field, had no idea that a human would come along and provide her with the love she so desperately needed.
On Mother’s Day, Benjamin Tipps was visiting his mother-in-law in Texas when he felt obliged to aid a mama cow in distress.

In a field nearby his family’s home a cow had been going through a long and difficult labor which has lasted several days.

Her calf did not survive despite her efforts, and all the weary cow could do was lie down on the ground and say farewell to her kid.
Benjamin was so moved by her story that he went to console the cow and lay down with her, comforting the mourning mother while she went through the worst nightmare of any parent.
His acts were captured on camera and uploaded on social media with the caption, “What a wonderful heart this man has.” Benjamin laid with this mommy cow and caressed her to attempt to console her after she lost her baby the day before. “This is such a wonderful but heartbreaking image.”

Benjamin told local media he had saw the cow fall to the ground during labor and the calf had been stillborn.

The cow became distressed and was motionless and unable to move after losing her baby.

He sat with her hugging and comforting the cow during her hour of need.

If only we all had this level of empathy for our precious animal kingdom.

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