A dog was trapped in muck after a landslide and anxiously screamed out for aid. It had rained a few days before, and he was caught by the heavy soil.

The men went deep into the ground with a spade to find the dog. They carefully lifted the dog, taking care not to injure him.

After thery managed to free the dog…The men got a surprise ..When they found two newborn puppies in the mud . The poor puppies were completely covered in dirt …and the man used a piece of fabric to clean them. 

Without the rescuers, it is likely that the puppies wouldn’t have survived.

The man cleaned the puppies with water in a gentle manner… I double-checked that all three dogs were okay. The mother was nearby, waiting… She was ecstatic to see her children again.

The man put the puppies in the fabric…to dry and warm them.Afterwards the dog and her puppies took cover…and were finally safe at last. 

Three innocent lives were saved and the family reunited when two kindhearted men rescued the dog and the puppies underneath the small house.

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