What Happens When A Lonely Lost Goose Approaches A Man For Help Is Simply Incredible

Lonely, Lost Goose Approaches A Man For Help And What Follows Is Simply Incredible

While going on a remote road near Edson, Alberta, Canada, a forester had an uncommon encounter with a lone wild goose. The Canada Goose flew over his pickup and turned back swiftly to pursue him. Andre Bachman came to a halt, curious by the bird’s activity, and the goose landed close behind his truck. He then took out his camera and began filming what happened next.

Bachman inquires of the goose as to what he is doing alone in the midst of nowhere. “Are you lost?” says the narrator. “What are you doing here?” he inquires, and the geese responds with a chirp. Bachman then decides to take the friendly goose to a neighboring lake, so he gets in his car and drives to Shining Bank Lake, which is about 6 miles (10 kilometers) away. While he is driving, the goose actually follows him and keeps up with him. It’s amazing to watch!

When Bachman arrived at the water, he watched his new feathered pal take a swim before abandoning the goose.

Bachman informed news outlets that he believes the geese was raised by humans, based on how at ease it was around him.

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