Puppy senses that his owner will leave him in the shelter and begs him not to abandon him.

It is devastating to continue seeing how many families impulsively get excited about a puppy, decide to adopt it,and in less than anyone imagines they end up returning it to the shelter, or abandoning it on the street.

They do so when they realize that having a pet implies a great long-term commitment, which requires dedication, patience, and of course, restructuring their routine to be able to include the new member of the family.

Some people get carried away by the emotion of the moment, ignoring that it is a being that needs education, and a lot of time, just as a child does.

Unfortunately, it is still an issue that some dog owners adopt rashly and subsequently abandon or surrender their pets to shelters.

They do so because they understand that getting a puppy is a long-term commitment that will require devotion, patience, and, of course, rearranging their schedule to accommodate the new family member.

Some individuals get carried away by passion and adopt a furry, oblivious to the fact that it is a living being in need of instruction, and devote a significant amount of time to it. They are unaware that everyone has a different temperament and uses energy in different ways.

When reality falls short of some new adopters’ expectations, the pups suffer because they are oblivious to why they are abruptly removed from their homes and forced to spend their days in a kennel.

This is what happened to Toto, a dog that made headlines by pleading with his owner not to abandon him.

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