Rejected Horses Get The Treatment They Deserve.

In the horse world, there are a lot of lucky horses who have their families or different organizations who take care of them and provide them all the necessary living conditions, but on the other hand, there is an ugly reality. There are also who get rejected or mistreated, all phenomenons happening because of the bad human behavior. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who do not see animal mistreatment as a problem or they don’t even feel like they are doing something wrong while mistreating these animals.

They come with the excuse that humans are superior to all the other species which gives them the right to use these animals for entertainment or as part of the food industry. There are also even worse cases when baby foals are left rejected because their mothers are breeded to feed other foals, who are way more profitable and expensive in the horse world.

Youtube/Lee Morton

What is even worse is the fact that in the majority of the world there are no strict rules regarding animal mistreatment. A lot of organizations are against animal mistreatment and a lot of them are contributing to its reduction, especially by adopting rejected or mistreated animals, one of these organizations is the one below. Let’s have a look at what it is about. People who work at Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue have three main goals: to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome those giant horses.

As you can see they are amazing, and gentle despite their size. They have been mistreated, rejected, but thanks to Gentle Giants they can be normal horses again. The video footage beneath this text is a great proof of how well treated are those gentle giant horses. They enjoy spending time together in the green pasture, running free and carelessly.

Youtube/Lee Morton

This large number of horses have gotten another opportunity, and you can see that they appreciate it. Thank god that all these amazing organizations exist because if they didn’t then the situation with animal mistreatment would have been way worse.


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