Stray Stuck In Fence Sheds Tears As Voices Near, But They Can’t Move Her Body

Stray dogs have no choice but to find their own food, water and shelter. While looking for food and a new place to sleep, this pup got stuck in a fence. When someone saw her, she was already covered in mud and exhausted. She probably spent many hours trying to break free before giving up.

By the time someone finally saw the stray and called for help, she was so lethargic. Nearly every bone in her body showed from starvation.

Villagers came to help her and placed a call immediately to a local rescuer but no one showed up. They had to help the dog on their own. What choice did they have?

Good people worked hard to get her frail body out of the fence. Then they took her and put her under an umbrella. She needed relief from the sun and the heat.

They cleaned it carefully and gently a bit. But when they wanted to give him something to eat, he refused to eat. It wasn’t a good sign. They hope it’s because she’s scared and isn’t too far to be rescued.

The dog eventually arrives at the vet clinic where she is given several bags of IV fluids. They also give antibiotics and iron infusions for anemia. Her poor stomach is badly hurt because she got stuck in the fence. It will take time to heal, but she is in good spirits. It’s like she understands exactly where she’s at and good people are helping her. Cute dog sheds real tears of relief. It is exciting for everyone around her.

The brave dog still has some healing to do. Once she’s closer to recovery, she will be placed in the perfect foster home.

For now, she’s in the animal shelter attached to the clinic. She’s happy and safe!

We are so thankful that kindhearted people saw her when they did! She wouldn’t have survived long. To see her rescue, scroll on down.

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