A mother’s love is one of the most powerful forces in existence. It means doing whatever necessary to protect your little ones, no matter the risk or cost.

Brianna, the cow, was heavily pregnant when she was loaded into a truck bound for the slaughterhouse with the other cows.

She knew that going to the slaughterhouse would mean “game over” for her and her baby, so she took a leap of faith and jumped off the moving truck in the middle of the busy freeway.

Brianna stutters through the traffic, looking for assistance. When the police arrive, she is terrified by the light and the commotion and refuses to cooperate. Following that, some hunting animals and a dash to Skylands Animal Sanctuary Rescue.

Nobody knew Brianna was pregnant at first. When the sanctuary’s vet learned about it, he became concerned for the baby’s health. Brianna had suffered numerous injuries during her fall from the truck and the traffic chase, and complications during birth were very likely.

Brianna went into labor two days after her rescue, much to the relief of the vet, and gave birth to a healthy female calf named Winter! Winter’s birth is described as a miracle, and the sanctuary promises that she will never be separated from her mother. Brianna’s fierce motherly spirit and determination to protect her baby in the face of adversity inspire us. We wish them a long and prosperous life!

Watch the video below to see how Brianna escaped her fate and fought for help in traffic !


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