Nobody knows why this dog appeared in the streets in a terrible state.

The tiny dog was lost and didn’t know where to go; he explored the streets by himself and slowly wore himself out,growing more and more hungry and fatigued from going without food and drink.

Thankfully, the small puppy encountered a bystander. The guy gave the puppy a slice of bread to eat since it was shaking and exhausted after having fasted for several days. When given food, the puppy didn’t eat it right away; instead, he took a slice of the cake while crying.

This person made the decision to take the dog home and care for it after observing the creature’s miserable situation. The dog’s owner brought it home and then took it to the hospital for a checkup and some testing. The dog was weary from a protracted period of hunger, and his body was covered with sores and parasites. Fortunately, the test findings weren’t too bad, and with just a little extra care, the dog will swiftly bounce back.

The owner, Gunnar, gives the dog a very adorable name. Gunnar receives the nourishment he needs to recuperate from his sickness while being fed in accordance with the doctor’s recommendations. After a long and challenging existence, Gunnar has a new family that spoil and take care of him.

Luckily, as the dog advised the dog was treated very well. The trembling dog changed into a lively dog with a playful character. Gunnar runs, plays and catches the ball very well.

He was thin but he has a good fur now. The appearance of the dog changed. The dog is not afraid of crowds now. His appearance made the man take the dog and look after him.


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