Persian Asil Arabian: The Timeless Elegance and Enduring Legacy of an Ancient Breed.

The Persian Asil Arabian horse, also known simply as the Asil Arabian, is a distinguished and ancient breed renowned for its beauty, endurance, and historical significance.

The history of the Asil Arabian horse is shrouded in centuries of legend and lore. These horses are believed to have originated in the Arabian Peninsula, where they were bred by Bedouin tribes for thousands of years. The Bedouin people regarded their horses as treasured companions and a symbol of their nomadic way of life.

The Asil Arabian horses are held in high regard for their unique qualities such as gentleness and temperament. They are known for being noble displaying the best character and seemingly attached to man.

Some more features of this breed are their ride-ability, athleticism, high willingness to perform, serenity, health, persistence, versatility, cooperativeness, intelligence, eagerness to learn, stamina and speed.



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