Orphaned pony finds comfort in teddy bear and warms everyone’s heart.

Though we’ve seen many strange friendships, this one with Teddy bear may be the sweetest yet. Teddy bears are the definition of coziness and joy; they have existed for a very long time and are precious. Sadly, this cute little thing was rejected by his own mother, shortly after birth. But, he was find just in time by a concerned farmer, who alerted the Mare and Foal Sanctuary, in the UK. By the time the helps arrived, the poor little thing was very confused and scared, but soon as they have taken him at the sanctuary, his condition started to improve. Quite lovely, the cute little pony seemed to be quite happy.

Orphaned newborn animals at the shelter are sometimes given staffed toys by the volunteers to help them feel more comfortable. They are all taken aback, nevertheless, by Breeze’s enthusiasm in the enormous teddy bear he received.

That is so endearing and charming.

The enormous TEDDY BEAR, who has taken on the role of the foal’s new mother, is cuddling the dozing animal peacefully.

It’s been fascinating to see him interact with and cuddle with his new teddies before night. When his carers are not around, he seeks comfort in the little moments and greatly likes their company.

The fact that this pony can cuddle up to the teddy bear is likely the reason it brings so much comfort to him.

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