Orphaned Baby Skunk Is Adopted By A Cat And Her Four Black And White Kittens

Orphaned Baby Skunk Is Adopted By A Cat And Her Four Black And White Kittens – News

This one-of-a-kind animal sanctuary is housed in a country farm house and is home to a diverse range of animals. It doesn’t matter if you’re a wild or domesticated animal, a farm animal, or a woodland species; all are welcome. To mention a few, there are dogs, goats, pigs, fawns, horses, raccoons, cats, and skunks. The wild creatures are being rehabilitated in the aim of reuniting with their native habitat. Meanwhile, the domestic animals at the snug refuge live out their days in comfort.

Ruby, a black and white cat who has recently given birth to a litter of four black and white kittens, is one of the newest residents. When they have a visitor, she lives in the cozy barn with her little kittens. Duke, an adorable orphaned skunk who doesn’t have a family of his own, joins the tiny family. Moo, one of Ruby’s kittens, is protesting the impostor while his mother Ruby is accepting him.

The small Moo screams at the skunkette, attempting to roll him out of bed. Because he’s so small, it doesn’t help much, but he does his best to make it apparent that Ruby is his mother and that he has plenty of siblings.

His methods don’t work and a couple weeks later, the skunk is still part of the family and seems to think he’s one of the cats. He’s clearly made himself at home with them.

This hasn’t stopped the competitive Moo from becoming envious. Moo has a whole new set of challenges now that he and Duke are both three weeks old. Skunks mature faster than kittens, therefore Moo has a whole new set of issues.

In the most amusing of ways, Moo attempts to keep up with his stinking younger brother. Moo wobbles behind Duke as he sprints around the room. When Duke scratches himself while standing on three legs, Moo, in true sibling revelry form, tries to imitate the scratching.

Except for visits from Lottle, a cute tiny fawn, there isn’t much to divert Moo’s attention from this amusing rivalry. Lottle LOVES Moo and enjoys kissing and cuddling him. Lottie isn’t involved with Duke much, so it appears that Moo is content to absorb all of her attention.

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