On the beach, a lonely stray dog with a “proud soul” approaches a stranger and walks right into her heart.

Lonely Stray Dog With 'Proud Soul' Walks Up To A Stranger On Beach And Right Into Her Heart

He appeared to be very lonely, sitting alone on the beach. Lou was one of the stray “summer dogs” that frequent Greece’s beaches but don’t stay long. If it hadn’t been for Valia and The Orphan Pet, he would not have made it through the winter. When the black and white dog emerged and befriended her and her pets, she was camping at the beach. Soon after, the sweet puppy had made his way into her heart, and she realized she couldn’t abandon him to die like other dogs.

Watch and listen to what Valia has to say about this beautiful “lonely and proud soul” who she hopes to find a home for.

Lou is constantly on the lookout for his perfect home. Valia explains:

“It’s been over a month since I returned Lou from the beach, and I want him to find his forever home as soon as possible.” He is ready, and he has always been ready, not because he is more remarkable than the others. There’s nothing else I can offer him, nothing else I can say about him, nothing else I can do.”

“It may appear that I assisted him, but the truth is that he assisted me more. He made those ten days unique by helping me understand the beauty and tragedy of our magnificent beaches and romantic Greek summers. All thanks to the beauty of his lonely and proud soul, those walks down the beach were pure poetry.”

“Dogs like Lou are always left behind in a country with millions of stray dogs.” Their rescue may not appear to be essential, but believe me when I say it is. A stray dog’s average lifespan is two years, and in most tourist areas, the dogs you see one year are gone the following, because they are either intentionally poisoned or suffer from accidents, infections, and famine. It was just not an option to leave Lou to confront the harsh and brutal winter of the Greek countryside.”

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