Without a doubt, there is nothing purer, more powerful in this world than the love between a mother and her child. Whether it’s humans or any other being on Earth, the bond a mother and baby share is so unique and unbreakable.
A series of moving shots show the unconditional love between a donkey and her newborn foal.

The following story will melt your heart. They are tender and touching moments between a mother donkey and her foal.The first-time mother is overjoyed to welcome her child into the world.Of course, she shows her foal tenderness and love.

Donkeys are as sensitive as they are cute. Thus, before a mother gives birth, everything must be cleaned and disinfected in the box. Even after birth, both require a lot of special attention. For at least 23 weeks, the farmer must be extremely careful when approaching any point near the mother and baby.

It is never easy to be a mother.However, this mother donkey appears to perform admirably.Mother instincts triumph!She knows exactly what she needs to do just by looking at her foal.

However, donkey foals are not only very sensitive. They are also very playful. Just like puppies, they get attached to people at first sight. But I’m so sure the feeling is mutual, because it’s almost impossible not to fall in love with such a beautiful face.

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