Mare Is Very Protective And Kicks The Horse Who Got Near And Teased Her Foal.

A mare will always keep her foals away from risk and whenever she doubts that her babies are at danger, the mare will always go to rescue them under any circumstances. The mare in the video shown below displays her protective maternal sense the second she notices danger around her baby. Her foal was hardly standing on its feet and she was only doing her work- not letting anyone or anything get near her beautiful child.

Elllen Ofstad/YouTube

Elllen Ofstad/YouTube

Out of nowhere, another horse threatens her foal and tries to get near the lovable baby and that’s when the mare immediately intervened. She got into a fight and kicked the unwanted guest. But, that horse didn’t give up and he proceeded to tease the mare and her foal. Fortunately, she was very strong and continued fighting.




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