Majestic Friesian Stallion Loves Playing With His Fitness Ball.

Zervas, a magnificent 4-year-old Frisian stallion, has a weakness for fitness balls. He has tried more than 20 balls since he was 11 months old. He usually rubs against it, stretch on it and play with the ball. It’s really strange to see such a rare all-black horse playing with a coloured balI. The only colour of a Frisian recorded in the studbook is black, however, this can range from very dark brown or black bay to true black.

Source: Earth’s Buckets/Youtube

To maintain the look of your Friesian like in the
photos, you need to spend some time looking after the coat, mane, feathers and tail. As we can see in the video, this Friesian looks really lovely which means the owner went to great lengths to make him look so good looking and attractive.

Source: Earth’s Buckets/Youtube



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