Little Owl Needs Protection – Becomes Best friend With Giant German Shepherd To Look After Him

This is the cutest interspecies friendship that you may ever see !

Dogs are quite friendly animals. That is one of the things that draws people to dogs, is how wonderful they are with others. But their innate kindness is not just reserved for people alone. Often times, we see dogs becoming close and forging unshakable bonds with other animals as well.

One particular friendship that melted people’s hearts on social media, was that between a German Shepherd and an owl.

Wildlife photographer, Tanja Brandt, was the one to capture pictures of the beautiful friendship between her dog, named Ingo, and the owl, named Poldi.

Here are some adorable photos taken by owner Tanja showing their unique friendship in action!

Source: tanja_brandt/Instagram

Source: tanja_brandt/Instagram

Both Ingo and Poldi immediately stole the hearts of social media. Tanja set the pair up with their own Instagram account.


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