Horses Walk Together Showing Off Their Majesty And Unique Hooves Sound.

Horses are herd animals, even the domesticated ones who did not spend a lot of time with other horses do have this instinct to stay in herds. I am pretty sure if a domesticated horse sees a huge herd of other horses, it will probably run and join them as well.

I remember one video in UK when a guard horse saw a huge group of horses who were ridden by royal guests and he started behaving inappropriately as he wanted to join them as well. That’s why I always keep tell food and shelter will not always bring happiness to a horse as they have others needs that are either satisfied in the wild or when they are part of a farm with a considerably huge group of horses.

Of course, the fact that your horse is not satisfied does not come as a consequence of the way how you take care of your horse, there are simply some things that we can’t control as horse owners, no matter how hard we try. Like it or not, it is believed that horses living in the wild are more satisfied than the domesticated ones, on the other hand, the lifespan of them is lower, meaning that domesticated horses are less exposed to the wildlife dangerous and they always have someone to look up for them in different situation.

No matter domesticated or wild, horses are amazing and when it comes to huge crowds, we definitely love seeing crowds like this one below, which is absolutely incredible. It feels like there is an endless number of horses as the video is around 5 minutes long and during all this time, the horses continue running towards the same direction guided by their owners and trainers.

I would really like to have been part of such a moment as it is absolutely incredible. You don’t get to see these many horses every day. I am really glad that horses are part of a lot of different cultures worldwide and they do have some festivals that are totally focused on them, which gives these animals the recognition they deserve.

One of the things that I like the most in the horse world are the huge herds of horses that look absolutely incredible.



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