Homeless Puppy With Nasty Head Injury Finds Love In The Arms And Home Of A Cop

Homeless Puppy With Nasty Head Injury Finds Love In The Arms And Home Of A Cop

A tiny injured Pit Bull puppy staggering around in a lonely industrial area in New Jersey was reported to the Mount Laurel Police Department. An cop arrived on the scene promptly and rescued the hapless puppy, who had sustained a serious head wound. The officer took the dog to the Burlington County Animal Shelter for medical attention.

Because the puppy lacked a microchip or identification, the agency turned to the public for help in locating his family. When no one showed up, it became evident that the lonely puppy was homeless and in desperate need of a suitable home. When Officer Matthew O’Hanlon learnt of the puppy’s plight, he stepped up to adopt the little one!

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Thor, the 3-month-old dog, is mending beautifully in his new home with his cop father! Matthew has always had a soft spot for Pit Bulls and admires their loyal and caring nature. While it is clear that Thor has had a difficult background, his adoring new father has promised that Thor will be “spoiled for life”!

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Thor is already developing into a wonderful fuzzy friend for Matthew. He enjoys following Matthew around and is really inquisitive! After completing his exhausting police responsibilities every day, Matthew considers himself fortunate to have a wonderfully faithful pet to lean on. Matthew and Thor are a fantastic team!

Watch Thor heal and embrace his exciting new life with Officer Matthew in the video below!

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