Heroic Rottweiler Saves Family Horses From Gang of Men In Middle of The Night.

Rottweilers are famous as guard dog since ancient times. The fundamental cause of such is their instinct. When the Roman emperors were in power, they were employed to safeguard wealth as well as cow herds in the past. Rottweilers are perfect for everything, as long as they have proper training and socialization.

They are popular as household guard dogs today.

Brenna Kramer lives in Zephyrhills, Florida is an animal lover. She had a horse stable at home and she loved every animal very much. She also raised two Rottweiler dogs. That is for protection as well as pet. But Kramer never thought that these two Rottweilers would save the lives of her horses. But one day something happened that she did not expect at all.

That night, while she sleeping inside the house, her two Rottweiler dogs started barking very loudly. Their barking did not stop. And their barking was very unusual and they had never behaved like this. So Kramer felt that something was wrong. So she went out as quickly as possible and checked on her dogs and horses. Because she wanted to ensure their safety. There she saw something that she did not expect at all. It was very obvious that someone had tried to take her horses. Because when she went to the stables, the electricity had been cut off. In addition, a rope was tied around the neck of one of the horses and there were several marks. Moreover, one Rottweiler had two puncture marks on his head. It was clear that they had tried to protect the horses from those men.

However, the heroic deed of the two dogs saved the lives of her horses.

These occurrences are fairly frequent in California since horses may be sold for very high prices. So incidents like this prove very well whst a good breed the Rottweilers are as guard dogs. Well trained Rottweiler dogs are very loyal to their owner and always protect their owner’s belongings.

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